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New hobby - Dressmaking for myself

I have been sewing apparels for my children but not for myself. The biggest reason would be I have no confidence and not daring to try on new design. I hardly wear dresses as I am very comfortable with just tees and shorts.

But it is different this year. Thanks to a group of mummy sewist friends who encourage me to try and give me lots of assurance. They picked a pattern called Belladone from Deer & Doe for me to try sewing my FIRST dress.

I did a draft on cheaper cloth and seek their guidance on some parts which I have problems, especially the bias part. I did it differently from the original.

I picked Sommer from Michael Miller to sew up this sleeveless Belladone dress. Not bad for a first timer like me. I did quite a lot of unpicking especially for the bias parts and the invisible zipper due to misalignment of the waistline. But overall, I am satisfied with my first attempt.

Then, I tried adding a cap sleeve on my next Belladone dress.

I love how my second dress turned out usi…

New online shop for my handmade Liberty Tana Lawn purses

I will be selling all my handmades at from today onward. For a start, I am launching my handmade Liberty Tana Lawn purses at the shop. Take a look as there will be no remake of the same design.

Tanjong Goodman Art Centre Open House 2017

I will be selling my handmade products at the Goodman Art's Centre Open House this weekend. Do come and support me and the other vendors.

Tanjong Goodman Open House
Goodman Arts Centre
(nearest MRT station: Mountbatten)
Block B (outside La Barca Ristorante & Wine Bar)
90 Goodman Road,Singapore 439053

21 & 22 January 2017 (Saturday and Sunday)
10am to 6pm

Sashiko - My first 2017 project

Happy New Year to all!

I have always wanted to try on Sashiko. Perhaps it is because of my love of hand stitching. Funny thing is, even though cross stitching is also hand stitching, but I could not finish my Once Upon A Time Sampler project after so many months.Oh well, I will try my best to complete the remaining 6 months by first half of 2017.

I bought the Olympus Thread Sashiko printed pattern in 2016 at Golden Dragon store. The kits are very limited in design and nothing much on Sashiko in the shop. Even the threads colours are super limited and the cloths too. I wish there will be more on Sashiko in Singapore so that I do not have to buy online from overseas. 

My maiden sashiko.project is finished in two days. I need lots of practices for sure. Would love to try sewing onto the indigo cloth if I could find. #sashiko#刺し子初心者#刺し子#olympusthread

Some close ups on the design. Which is your favourite piece?

I bought some templates to draw onto the cloth. Perhaps I could try a piece of S…