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My first attempt on Amigurumi

I have ALWAYS wanted to try my hands on making Amigurumi. I know basic crocheting but I have never made a plush or doll before. It looks difficult and I am scared to try. I have made granny squares for the yarnbombing 2 years ago. No. Not once attempted Amigurumi.

When I saw the instructions from the books and blogs, there are so many variations. There are symbols for Japanese, US and UK versions. My mind just went haywired. I did not understand how to attach the various parts of the body of the doll. The best bet for me will be learning from Youtube but that means I will not be able to follow instructions on the books. Sigh!

Till I went to a sharing session organised by the Yarnbombing Singapore team last Saturday. Yaney, one of the organiser, gave me a one-to-one guidance and taught me how to read the US instructions. Magic circle was not hard at all. I have to make sure the holes of each stitch is not big so that the polyfill will not shown. I am very determined.

After some time, …

Handmade Cheongsam for my kids for the Monkey Year

I thought that I will not be sewing any Chinese New Year clothing for my little girls. I am busy to the max and have no idea what to sew. I am also lazy to trace out patterns from the books plus time is not on my side (less than a week to the festive season).

Until I chanced upon a free girls Cheongsam tutorial from Japanese Sewing Books website which has a step-by-step tutorial plus YouTube videos to refer. You can check out her tutorial here. I followed Yi Farn's blog closely as I love reading about Japanese books and magazines reviews. I am an avid Japanese sewing and craft books and magazines reader even though I could not understand Japanese. Luckily for me, the instructions are pictorial and quite easy to follow after a few tries. :)

I set myself a goal to complete the 2 cheongsams within 2 days. Not impossible with midnight oils! By the way, it is my first try on sewing Cheongsam. I selected one of my favourite Lecien Fabrics from Japan of the Flower Sugar series and checke…

NHK Sutekini Handmade - Atsuko Matsuyama Monthly quilt "Fruit Fantasy" Sew A-Long Block 7 & 8 - Dresden Plate and Flowers patchwork (NHKテレビテキスト すてきにハンドメイド 松山敦子のマンスリーキルト「フルーツ・ファンタジー」)

February is a very very busy month for me. In fact, I started to do my spring cleaning for the new year in January. So much so that I did not have time to do much handsewing or patchwork. I was so exhausted de-cluttering my house and have no mood at all. 5 more days to Chinese New Year. I hope I can rush out 2 cheongsams within these 2-3 days.

I am catching up on my sew-a-long. There are just a few more blocks and the next March issue will be the finishing part. Gee! I will be happy to complete one handsew quilt if I quickened my pace. I combined both 2016 Issue 1 and 2 NHKテレビテキスト すてきにハンドメイ and did the patchwork blocks before handling the applique blocks.

Sewing patchwork pieces was a breeze to me as they are pretty straight forward. I have never sewed a round dresden plate before but glad I did. I hope to try out more in the future if I could. You can viewed my pointed dresden plates by colours in my previous post.

Next, it was the flower blocks. Very easy to sew as they are just st…