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Kid's game - Motor skills for toddler using cloth clippers

We do not need expensive or new toys and learning tools to train a toddler's motor skills. I believe most of you will agreed with me. Any thing in your house can be a play thing.

My youngest is at her most exploratory stage and always keen to follow me while I am doing my chores. Recently, she loves to play with the cloth clipper basket and hands me one while I hanged the clothes on the bamboo. She will wait for my cue and diligently pass me one.

There are so many great motor skills to play with the clippers. Here are 2 activities that you can play with your toddler:

1. Placing the clips in smaller baskets or containers. We can also teach them to recognise colours and sort when they are ready.

2. You can clip them onto the rim and ask to remove them out. Be warned, they can remove quicker than you think and mine always request to play again and again...

You can also clip onto their pants or tees.

Simple game could occupy her for 10 mins. Try it and it can be lots of fun.

My very first dresden plate handsew block

While waiting for ZakkaArt to release her Block 12 for the handsewpatchwork sew-a-long, I decided to pick one block design to sew from the book. I have always wanted to try making dresden plate and log cabin. I picked the former as it is too pretty to resist. I have even bought the english paper piercing templates to try on.

I used the leftovers from Block 11 and the green stash I bought. To make dresden plate block, you can either handsew or machine sew. I am hooked on handsewing which I can sew it at night when my children are asleep and also for better control. But I will try machine sewing after I get more confident.

I am still deciding what I should do with this block. Right now, it is pasted on my craftroom's wall. I am tempted to make another dresden plate in another colour. Perhaps blue?

Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 11 - Alice's Patchwork

I was in the sewing mode after finishing my last block 10 - Spring Beauty and could not wait to start Block 11 - Alice's Patchwork. As I mentioned in my previous block, you will expect more curves to sew in this block. I was so right about it and took me so much longer time. There were more patches to cut too. You can download the template from ZakkaArt.

I used this container from Daiso to sort the patches as I need to sew 4 similar patches (see below photo) and combine them in the last step.

 Then I placed the 4 sections and layed out according to my liking.

Last step will be to handsew the four together.

This was the most difficult block I have sewed up. I would love to try sewing this block in the future to practise.

I can't wait for Block 12 to be revealed. Meanwhile, I bought a new Japanese patchwork book from Kinokuniya last weekend and super love the designs. *Hands itchy*

Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 10 - Spring Beauty

I felt I was hitting a road block yesterday and feeling super grouchy. Nothing seems to be able to decrease my frustration. I wanted to go shopping for new fabrics but could not as the shop was too far from my house. I will be very happy if I was able to work in a fabric shop and of course will be very broke too.

Then, I saw the Block 10 template on my magnetic notice board and decided to sew it. I printed all the outstanding ones and sticked onto the board as a reminder for myself on the untouched patterns. I looked through my fabrics and decided to use the blue vintage detash pack I bought from Instagram.

For this block, there were lots of curves to be drawn. Wynn from ZakkaArt taught a good method to save time in drawing the templates and seams on the cloth. I just needed to prepare one set on the cardboard and ready to draw directly onto the cloth. You can download the template here.

From the photograph above, you can see that there were more curves than straight lines to be sew…

Sewing Tip 1: Magnetic Pin Holder

After sewing for a few years, I found some simplified methods or tools to help in my daily sewing. Not only they sped up my time taken to complete one piece of work, they also freed up my time to spend more time with my children (which is important, as they always come first)

I will be sharing a series of some sewing tips with my readers on my blog that I found useful which you might consider implementing as well.

Today, I am introducing this Magnetic Pin Holder that I bought at Sing Mui Heng that cost $6.00(or you can find at Spotlight too).

1. You do not have to pin one by one onto the pin cushion anymore when you sew. In fact, you just need to "drop" the pins onto this magnetic pin holder and continue sewing.
2. You can also use this to gather the pins that are lying on the table top or sewing machine at one go by turning it upside down.
3. This can also be used as a stopper to prevent the fabric from moving during cutting.
4. It is easy to clean.

I will be sha…

New card holders and zip pouches for sale

It is never too early to shop around for Christmas gifts now. I have sewn new button card holders and zip pouches for sale at my online store - .

Here are the previews of the newly listed handmades. Some of the items are unique and only 1 piece available.

Button card holders -> Click here.
Zip pouches -> Click here.

If you have any questions or keen in the above, you can email me at

Thanks for looking.

Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 9 - Yacht

I have been taking my own sweet time to do my handsewpatchwork sew-a-long block nowadays as compared to the previous blocks. I realised I was able to plan and coordinate my scraps better in a relaxed manner. I also challenged myself to cut away new fat quarters which I could not bear to in the first place. I love to buy beautiful fabrics and tend to keep, rather to use them for my projects. I asked my fellow sewists in a facebook group and those who responded had the same challenge as me.

Well, at least I know I am NORMAL now. :)

This week, I am sharing my Block 9 called Yacht. I was not motivated to do this immediately as I did not have a lot of blue fabrics to choose from. Luckily, I managed to buy some stash from Instagram and arrived just in time.

This pattern is so nice for boy quilt I feel. It was very easy to handsew as there was no y-seam and all were straight forward.

You can download the template from ZakkaArt here.

September Artistic Trading Cards

I can't believe that September passed by so quickly. I must admit that I am quite unproductive with scrapbooking as compared to sewing or patchwork. Nevertheless, I did my September ATCs with theme - Happy Birthday fairly quickly.

I love the girls from My Little Shoebox series. The background paper and balloons are from DCWV.