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Kids' craft - Hama Beads

More than 6 years ago, I was at my cousin's house when I saw some cute beads that could turned into beautiful designs. She bought them from Ikea then. I did more research and saw another type called Hama beads and I was keen and bought almost all of the Midi beads (with diameter of 5mm and widely used size) colours they have to make lovely designs. After a while, my interest died down as there were so much I could do and not fun to do alone (before I had kids). Now those beads are kept into a big box inside my storeroom.

Last year, we went to Growing Fun as there was a sale in the shop. Big E saw a box of the Maxi beads designed for preschooler as the beads have a diameter of 10mm. They were easier to hold due to the size. Inside the box, there were also some design templates that she could use to put the beads.

Back home, she played the beads and her interest died down very fast. She just placed the beads anyhow with no design in her mind.

This year, it was something different …

Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 8 - Mayflower

I just finished some scrapbooking and it is back to my sewing. I like to rotate my crafts occasionally - scrapbooking, crocheting, sewing, and other crafts. I have 2 blocks on the handsewpatchwork sew-a-long that I have not done. So I did my Block 8 - Mayflower last night and completed in about a few hours.

As you can see, I used orange as my main colour. I love bright and vibrant colours but would like to try on pastels if I can.

I like to use stash and could not bear to cut away new fat quarters or yardages. This time, I could not find a match for the background. So I cut a new fat quarter from Robert Kaufmann and no regrets after that.

You can download the template via ZakkaArt. Try it as it is quite easy with no applique. :)

Have fun!

Creativity 521: Arm Painting with Snazaroo

It has been a long while since I blogged about a craft that I did with Big E. My mojo was really bad these days and I had to divert to easier crafts like crochet and project life.

Big E liked the arm painting that she had at Cool De Sac the last time and had been bugging me to draw on her face or arm many times. I had no choice but to buy this face paint - Snazaroo from Artfriend to satisfy her desire. It was my scrapper friend who recommended me to buy the palette type.

I dare not try painting on her face yet as I am not that confident because my drawing sucks big time. These were what I did on her arms so far on two occasions.

As you can see, these were very simple drawings that I guess she can draw better than me. Oh, she remarked that she will draw for me the next time round. It should be fun.

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Kids' Outdoor Playground - Causeway Point Playground and Splash Area

Finally, I have the time to blog and share another Fun for Free Kids' outdoor playground and splash area which is at the Northern part of Singapore. Best of all, it is inside a shopping mall that is next to Woodlands MRT station - i.e. Causeway Point.

My children love to play at the outdoor playground that is on Level 2 of the shopping mall. It can be quite crowded on weekday after school and weekends. It is non air-con and if it rained, the playground will be closed for safety reasons.

If your kids like to get themselves wet, you can bring them to the Splash Area that is on Level 7, next to Bagus Halal foodcourt.

One thing I don't like about this splash area is that the kids' changing area is opened and no privacy even though there are showers for you to rinse your kids' bodies. If you need to change your kids' clothes, you need to go to the nearest restrooms outside on the right side of the splash area (near the lifts).

If you need nursing room, there are a lot…

Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 7 - Shakuyaku Flower

It has been a long while since I did my handsewpatchwork sew-a-long. I was so busy with fulfilling  orders for teachers' day and other misc stuff. I was also afraid to start this block 7 - Shakuyaku flower as it looked quite complicated and lots of blocks of fabrics to cut. Plus there were appliques to sew too. I was scared!

Today, I managed to cut the template out from Zakka Art which you can download a copy for this sew-a-long. I looked through my orange and green stashes and found some lovely designs to play with.

To my surprise, I managed to cut out the fabrics fairly fast. How did it looked?

I spent the whole evening to sew this. Frankly, I was stucked for a while as I have not been handsewing for weeks. It took me awhile to start my engine proper.

I was glad that I was not afraid sewing the applique as compared to my previous Basket block. In fact, I quite enjoyed the process.

And here is my block.

Can't wait to start Block 8 which will be much easier than this. No appli…

Kids' Outdoor Playground - Singapore Sports Hub Playground

Have you been to the new Singapore Sports Hub or Kallang Wave Mall yet? If you have not, then you should visit and bring your kids and family to enjoy a relaxation time. We were there last month and we enjoyed a lot. Even my parents like it, and of course my children too. There is DAISO outlet which we spent an hour or so. The children love "shopping" there. We also shopped at the NTUC Xtra.

We chanced upon an open aired FREE playground and exercise area on top of the Sports Hub Library building. It is on Level 3. If you take the Circle Line to Stadium station, the building is on the left side of the station's Exit A. It is opened from 7am to 10pm daily.

There is a exercise area by the side which my parents tried on.

The girls had fun and even had a great time. They even had the playground all by themselves on most part of the weekday.

The kids' splash area on the other building is not ready to play yet. My elder one was a bit disappointed. We will bring them there o…