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Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 4 - Heart

I always looked forward to the next handsewpatchwork sew-a-long activity after I finished my current piece. It spurred me to improve my handsewing and creativity skills by selecting suitable fabric for the next block. So fun and exciting.

The fourth block was quite easy too. It is the Heart block. You can download the template and followed the tutorial via here. I practised the Y-seam yet again and had fun. Here is my Heart block. I liked the flower patterns as they seem to give me a mirror image. Somewhat.

Wynn mentioned that the fifth block will be challenging. I am kinda scared but also looking forward to it too. Last weekend, I went to Spotlight to buy some hand quilting threads from Gutermann as they are having a 20% sales. I wished I was there earlier as white colour was out of stock already.

Can't wait for the next sew-a-long. How about you?

July Artistic Trading Cards

I received a happy mail in my letterbox today. Yes. The July ATCs from Lennie, hostess for the month. :) I did the cards fairly quick, in fact, did together with the June ones. It was fairly easy for me as I have all the materials plus my mojo was there.

Here's my July card. The stamp for the sheep and words are from Lawn Fawn. I love their stamps but too expensive for me to collect all.

I can't wait to start the August ATC. I am still thinking what to do.

Well, I have 1 month to ponder. :)

Handmade vintage dolls for my kids

I was memerised by this particular fabric line called Aunt Lindy's Paper Dolls by Sibling Arts Studio, Inc. when I was browsing the internet 3 years ago. I told myself that I had to make this for Big E to play. I wanted to make something for her which it could not be bought from the malls here. I cut the dolls out from the main fabric and forgotten about it till 3 years later (Opps!)

I thought of sewing the dolls via machine but realised it was difficult. In the end, I handsewed all and stuffed up with polyester fillings. Big E helped me to fill the stuffings. I asked what will be their names. She told me the red one is called Red Riding Hood, yellow is Belle, blue is Cinderella and pink is Aurora.

Which is your favorite? I like the blue one.

This fabric is out of production but you can buy other designs via Sibling Arts Studio LLC via their etsy shop if you are keen.

Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 3 - Bow Tie

I love sewing blocks. Not using my machine, but hand sew. Thanks Wynn from ZakkaArt for the encouragement via Instagram.

Now I have overcome the fear of handsewing, I realised I have another challenge to overcome. Choosing the fabric for each block. The problem I have is that I have too many scraps/fat quarters/fat eighths/charms in my room. (Who isn't for quilters or even for people who love to sew?)

How do you store your scraps? Care to share with me? Right now, I just put all of the same colours into one container. Not sure if there is a better way. :)

Here is the third block of the Sew-a-long - Bow Tie. You can find the tutorial via here.

I bought this from the recent detash sale via Instagram. I tend to update my #handsewpatchwork progress via Instagram. You can follow me at @joeycraftworkz and also check the other designs via #handsewpatchwork.

Till then for the next block post.

Homelearning: Playing with numbers

I admitted that I have slacked off my homelearning activities for the past weeks. We were jammed pack with other stuffs, school holidays, illnesses, sewing and yarnbombing. I really need to prepare more homelearning activities to occupy and teach Big E.

Maybe I need a planner to plan?

I needed some tabs with the dates of the month to sort out my photos for Project Life. I wanted her to practise her maths and writing so I asked her to write 1-31 for me. I gave her simple instructions by writing the numbers on one side of the tab first. Then, write the same number on the other side by turning the tab around. I was surprised at the outcome actually.

I found out that she has difficulties writing double digits, especially 12, 21, 31, 13, 19,16. She has assumed that she has to write the same digit by referring to the one on top. She knew she had to write that number but her mind told her otherwise.

How did I explain to her?

I took out one tab and pasted onto a card. Asked her to write 16 on …

Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 2 - Evening Star

Frankly, I was a bit sceptical if I can sew the Evening Star block for week 2 Sew-a-long. It looked difficult for a beginner. But I was wrong.

I am happy on the outcome. What do you think of my block?

Wynn did a fantastic job in her instruction on her blog for beginner like me. Check out her blog for the details. #handsewpatchwork :)

Can't wait for the Block 3 to be revealed.

Yarnbombing Singapore - Singapore Mini Maker Faire

We were at the last session of the Yarnbombing Singapore event at Senja Cashew Community Centre last Sunday. It was a hot and sunny day. The hubby and kids went for a swim and had fun at the swimming pool while the hardworking mummy was busy crocheting the granny squares with the rest of the other crafty ladies.

Look at how beautiful the pieces were together. Kudos to all the contributions from the ladies.

We even wrote down how we felt about the Yarnbombing event after all the sessions.

After 6 hours, we managed to decorate one of the pillar with all the pieces we had. It measured 1.63m x 2m wide.

The amazing piece of work will still be there for the Singapore Mini Maker Faire on 26-27 July. There will also be other activities happening - presentations, workshops, etc. You can check the programmes via

Plus, if you are interested to become a volunteer at the event, you can register via…

My First Handsewn Patchwork Block - Sew A Long with ZakkaArt

It has always been in my wish list to start my quilting. Last year, I took part in a mini quilt swap and only till now, I restarted my engine to quilt. Again, by handsewn instead of machine sewn.

I like to stress that I am quite lousy in handsewing. However, I am not going to let this stop my determination to sew up a block. Practice make perfect right? ;)

I saw this sew-a-long activity by ZakkaArt over at Instagram the other day and browse through her blog to find out more. She will be guiding through her blog by sewing 18 blocks over the next 18 weeks. 1 block per week. Easy and manageable I felt. I took out my fabric stash and decided to use green fabrics for this Nine Patch. Very easy for beginner like me.

Here is what I have done over one afternoon.

 What do you think? Do hope over her blog for more details. I can't wait to do Block 2 soon.

Molly, The Mobile Library Bus

We are blessed that the nearest library is just one train stop away from where we live. Sometimes, we went to those which are situated inside shopping malls. Very convenient for our children to relax and chill out in the aircon place. We believe that it is important for our children to be exposed to books at an early age. So glad that Big E loves to read and Small E likes to flip books even though we hardly read to her.

I chanced upon this banner near our house which showed the schedule of Molly, The Mobile Library bus. It was first launched in april 2008 to reach out to people who could not visit the libraries regularly or have difficulties going. I decided to bring the girls there to check out the bus since it was within walking distance.

All of us were very excited as we were unsure what the bus can offer. There were 3000 books and audio visual materials to select. They had more children than adult books, even have Chinese, Malay and Tamil books! I was happy to find books that we n…

Flea market at Senja Cashew Community Centre - Project Gold 2014

I chanced upon this flea market recruitment while I was at the previous Yarnbombing session held two weeks ago at the Senja Cashew Community Centre. I asked my crafty partner Aiyen if she would be interested to share a booth with me and she agreed.

Happily and stressfully, I started to sew more items for this flea market within two weeks. It was not as easy as it seems with 2 kids who demanded lots of attention, especially when Small E was having high fever for 4 days. Both of them saw what I was doing and wanted to be part of the process too. I assigned an easy task for the younger one by instructing her to pass me a clip and I was surprised she could understand when I said " one please." As for the older one, I gave her harder tasks by cutting out the excessive threads from the sewing, overturning the fabrics and also lifting out the pins from the fabrics. Both of them did very well with their assigned tasks and I was grinning because I have found 2 assistants for my handm…