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Felt Mascot: Anpanman Keychain

If you have been following my posts closely, you would have remember Big E's passion for Anpanman characters. Even though we hardly watched the cartoons as they are in Japanese, we just like the kawaii characters.

I bought some books on felt sewing of the characters. Big E loves to flip through the pages and always asked me to make something there for her. I stocked up felts from daiso and they are collecting dust. Ya, I know!

In order to please her for a while, I decided to sew this little Anpanman keychain for her to hang on her school bag.

It was done up pretty fast. I did a shortcut too. I used a black marker to draw the eyebrows and mouth instead of stitching up. I also used adhesive felts for his nose and cheeks. All I did was to use blanket stitch to close up the front and back after stuffing to give a volume.

She loved it and showed off to her classmates. :)

Kids' craft: Foam Art

I always wanted to buy some foam art crafts for Big E to assemble. It will be ideal as it is more sturdy compared to paper and quite a variety of houses I can choose from.

Till last friday, I saw some sales at Chong Pang market selling foam art crafts. I was sold on this castle design. She loves castles.

I bought and gave her a surprise when she was back from school. Immediately, she tore off the plastic bag and remove the parts from the main sheet.

As a precaution, I decided to handle the assembly while she provided me with the respective parts.

Quite nice I would think. :)

Yarn Bombing Singapore - Singapore Mini Maker Faire (SMMF)

We are gathering a group of crafters to knit and crochet pieces of items to yarnbomb the Singapore Mini Maker Faire (SMMF)! Items will be placed at either Singapore Science Centre or the Cashew Senja CC (event venue) in the run up to the SMMF.

Interested? Read on, or email to

What is yarnbombing?
Yarnbombing is like graffiti street art except with yarn, and in Singapore's case, we need approval! Here are a few links:

What about sewing?
We would love you to knit or crochet, but we are open to sewing similar pieces that would contribute to the yarnbombing spirit - the more the merrier!

Involvement - knitting, crochet - also open to sewing scrap fabric too! Your time, knitting needles, crochet hook and yarn! We don't have a sponsor, but if everyone pitches in, we can make it a community effort towards what we love doing :-) In fact, y…

Thankful Tuesday: A hunk who spoke up for me in the train

Last week, we brought the kids out during the school holidays. We tried as much to avoid the peak hours. Unfortunately, that afternoon, we could not avoid the mad rush going home in the late afternoon.

I carried Small E in my carrier and could not have a seat to rest. Nowdays, she was quite a load to carry and stand for long. My waist and back could break any moment. I could not rest her on the pram cos her jiejie was sleeping inside.

I could only hope our station will come very soon!

Suddenly, I heard a man's voice in front of me. He asked if I need any seat? I replied "no need". I guessed he must have thought otherwise. He approached the office ladies behind me who was comfortably seated and asked if anyone could gave up her seat for me. Two of the ladies stood up and offered.

I was so grateful that I only thanked the man. (He was standing by the way.)

Did I mentioned he was a hunk?  --> Main point. :)

Some day, I will do the same in the train. Have to muster cour…

Sand Painting

March school holidays has ended. I wish it will not end so soon. :)

We had a busy week despite the heavy downpour in early days but sunny in the later part. Luckily, we had time to do one craft at home.

My friend Jesslyn bought this sand painting kit for Big E's birthday and she likes it. She saw kids playing in the shopping malls and always wanted to try. But I was not agreeable as I thought she could not handle well. This was a great gift for both of us to test out.

I helped her in tearing out the sticker before she chose the colours and poured onto the sticky area.

 Then I let her painted this herself. Can you see the difference?

I would say it was good. Very artistic.

A letter to my Big E

Dearest Big E,

I am sorry for not spending enough time with you alone after the arrival of Small E. Mummy's time has to be shared between both of you and most of the time, I have to allocate more to her than you.

After I put meimei to sleep at night, you will also be too tired to play or read with me during weekdays.

However, I realised the change in you, for the better, mostly.

1. Self feeding
- In the past, we had been feeding you during mealtimes till you turned 4 years old. I explained and encouraged you to self-feed and not watch youtubes on mealtimes. Now, I can have more time to take care meimei while you eat your lunch or dinner. You began to appreciate and explore new food. You also began to understand the importance of eating by yourself after you saw your friends or other children who can't eat by themselves.

2. Changing clothes and wearing shoes
- You could not remove or button up your clothes before. Nowadays, you are ready with your school attire on without us in…

Thankful Tuesday: It must be something I have done

Today, I had a small surprise. It really made my day despite the haze and the mozzies (I caught 3 today.)

Big E volunteered to keep the children's clothes from the bamboos out of the blue. I never notice my elder girl has grown up. Tall enough to reach for the pegs and removed them to take the clothes off. The bamboos were in our balcony area.

Next thing she did, was to fold the clothes. I never taught her how to. Of course, they were messy. But her gesture has touched me.

It must be something I have done over the days, months or years to cultivate this young girl to help out in the household. I knew some kids never touched a single housechore before. But I will want to teach them this skill.

Thank you sweetie. Muack.

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Why I Breastfed for 12 Months

I still remembered quite clearly about my first breastfeeding journey 5 years ago as a full-time-working-mum.

I was a Kiasu and Kancheong mum-to-be who researched everything on baby bearing, offers on baby stuff, etc. AND I left out research on breastfeeding. I took for granted as I ASSUMED that it was a natural thing to do when the baby arrived that evening. The only exposure I had on this topic was during the prenatal class (only 1 lesson) and which brand of pump to buy. I did not have friends who shared openly on this too.

Opps! I was so so Wrong. Big time!

I was tired after the C-sect but eagerly wanted to give my Big E the best gift immediately. I said NO to formula milk and opted for 100% breastfeeding.

The first latching was amazing as the nurse came to guide me. I loved the suckling sound made by her too. (sound like "zhu-zhu") However, she was a still a sleepy baby. I had to try to wake her up by stroking her side hairline, base of her foot, etc.

On the second nig…

Creativity 521: Air Brushing Craft

I am always on a lookout for new kids' craft out there. Not only I can "play", Big E can also learn new crafts from me.

I saw this air brushing craft at a store in Chinatown Point - Dou Yi Bookstore. I love visiting bookstore to browse through new books and stationeries (esp pens, paper, etc)

So I bought a set for my girl to try out.

The set included a presser, some coloured pens and some stencil plates. All we need to do was to insert the pen onto the presser. We can also selected the pressure too.

We love night crafting. Opps!

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Thankful Tuesday: The genes in you

Big E loves reading from a young age.

I had to thank my hubby's genes. He loves to read fiction books, online articles, etc. I don't have such genes. Probably the only books I read will be comics, craft books, sewing magazines, 8 days or I magazine. I don't like to read fiction books. Too wordy. Too boring. ;p I prefer more photographes and colours. Less words.

In my previous post, I mentioned we bought an IKEA expedit to store the books we have. Everyday without failed, Big E will pulled out some books to flip. I don't care if she can read the words. But we knew she can read more words than before. I was surprised at the amount of words she can read even though we hardly teach her.

Now, we wanted Small E to be exposed to books at a young age as well.  She bites or swings the book most of the times. At the point, I am thankful she does not tore the books.

I guess it's due to her genes again.

I managed to capture this precious moment. Looks sweet.

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