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February Artistic Trading Card

I did this ATC pretty late. Almost near the deadline given. Opps. I did them during the Chinese New Year period. Really busy to the top of my neck.

The theme was "Say Cheese".

I digged out my Paper Smooches stamp and saw this cute guy. I also used my new American Craft speech punch and my Carl's cloud punch.

Ain't it cute? I love using bring colours.

Here are the cards received for the exchange.

My new fabric purchases from Instagram destash party

I chanced upon not 1 but 3 fabric destash parties in Instagram last month. It started off with the USA, followed by UK and lastly Australia. Hope that there will be one in Singapore or Malaysia or even the South East Asia. (Somebody, please organise... heh!)

I shall explain why. Simple reason - shipping cost.

Some of the sellers only shipped domestic and other interested buyers, like me, would love to buy from them. Oh well, just too bad. I could save some $$$. I had to pay quite a sum for the shipment thou.

Here were my purchases.

If you are interested to buy fabric stash, you can still browse through #thegreatfabricdestash, #greatukfabricdestash and #greataussiedestash.

Follow me at my Instagram (@joeycraftworkz) to be updated for future deals. :)

Our first (official) English spelling journey

Frankly, I never made any effort to teach Big E how to spell English words. In the past, during her nursery days, I began with some 3 letter words. After a while, she refused to spelt out for me and I gave up.

This year was different.

One day, after school, she showed me a piece of paper and I saw some words for SPELLING.

They are not just 3 letter words. Some are longer, some are shorter.

I was both happy and excited as we can began the spelling journey again. *evil grin*

This time round, I made more effort in preparing her for the tests. I searched for ready made alphabets flash cards, printed and laminated them. I cut the corners using the Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper. (Thanks to my scrapper friends Alicia and Felicia who gave me the tip.) I used the Popular Brand Corner Cutter before but did not trim well for the laminated cards.

 Then Big E placed the cards onto the wall chart holder.

I will test her whenever I had the opportunity. She will also practise writing onto a book with …

Play Learning Tuesday: Ikea's Expedit can also be a playden (Only for a night thou)

The other day, while I was packing the 2 x 2 Ikea Expedit shelf, I discovered I could no longer squeezed the amount of books we have at home as there were far too many lying around in the house. (Btw, all are my Big E's.)

I told my hubby, we need to upgrade!!

So we popped by Ikea and bought the 4 x 4 Expedit shelf. Now I have 16 slots to place all the books, craft tools and magazines. I was happy to the max!!

He took 1 hour to put all the planks in place. After dinner, Big E sat in one of the cubicle and read. I asked her why she did that. She told me that it was fun sitting in an enclosed space.

Then the "I also want" Small E joined her.

They had fun playing with each other there.

Oh well, the fun lasted till their bedtime.

The expedit was up against the wall and I finished organising the cubicles within 2 hours.

Happy gals. Happy mummy.

My Big E has grown up - Guiding her to be a helpful girl

My Big E has grown up! She is a wonderful BIG sister to Small E, helpful student in class and at home.

She loves to help out at home, even though she can overlook and forgot to keep her books on the shelves, toys back into the toy baskets, or even shoes lying near the doorway after school.

Everytime she saw me in my craft/work room, she will asked if she can help. (She finds my stuff very interesting and refreshing.)

Sometimes, she will also help me blend Small E's food.

To me, it was a relief having her helping me around in the house, be it small or big. She even volunteer to look after and entertain Small E when I needed to go to the kitchen or toilet (before Small E cries).

Some day, I will introduce the broom and mop, or even the kitchen towels to wipe the dirty table after meal to encourage independence.

I was thinking it could be my presence at home that moulded her to be a helpful girl. I wonder what will it be like if I were still working. Will she be as helpful?

Once …

Valentine Swap - With a lady from Spain

I always wanted to make new friends around the world, through blog exchange, swaps, or instagram. I took part in a few fabric and mini quilt swaps last year and knew new friends from USA, Spain and Sweden! Cool!

I signed up for a Valentine's Day swap with a lady from Spain. Her name is Judith. We love to sew handmades for our loved ones and friends. We decided to make an item for each other and mail to each other before Valentine's Day.

Here were what I mailed her.

And I received a pouch from her too. We never planned to send the same thing. :) - One pouch and 2 fabrics. Great minds think alike.

My First International Fabric Swap from Flickr Group

I am feeling happy these days. I love happy mails in my mailbox. This also meant that I bought a lot of things online. I am extremely happy when I received fabrics and scrapbooking materials.

Last month, I chanced upon a Fabric Swap in Flickr Group. Most of the time, such exchange were done only in USA and international swaps were rare to find. I was happy that I found this group - The Fabric Scrap Swap Pool in Flickr. I quickly signed up and waited for the host to send me the profile of my secret partner.

I began to look into my collection and picked these for my partner who have yet to receive my package. ( I can't reveal who she is.)

And today, I received my package from Liz all the way from Sweden. They are lovely! I have never seen most of the prints before. Love the colour tones too. I hope I could find time to start my quilting or patchwork soon.

She also gave me a pack of mashmallows to try.

I just hope there will be a third round of fabric swap soon!

Join us if you are i…

2014 January Artistic Trading Card

Fresh year with new themes for the artistic trading card. The theme was "use up your stash" hosted by Wee Bin.

I did a very simple card due to the festive seasons - Christmas, New Year and upcoming Chinese New Year. I just could not squeeze out lots of time to design the card.

I used twines and in love with twines now. I have started a new collection of twines now. (PS, take a look at my post on how I kept the twines in place.)

I have to start brainstorming for the February theme - Say Cheese!

Scrapbooking Storage Tip 4: Organising those loosely twines - Entangling is no fun

Happy Horse Year to all! We have been super busy this Chinese New Year. Prior to that, we were busy packing our house, especially my craft room. I was so happy to see empty boxes been thrown and new storage systems in place. The downside was I could not remembered where I placed them after the major cleanup. :(

My Big E loves to help me up especially in the craft room as they were so interesting to her. Her mummy has lots of crafts and scrapbooking materials lying around, so colourful and so tempting. Everytime I craft, she will be by my side, telling me she wanted to help me.

I will try to accomodate to her request and find some stuff for her to do.

During the spring cleaning, I asked her for her help to pack the twines I have in my collection.

I have some wooden pegs at home.

I taught her how to keep the twines onto the pegs. Clipped the start of the twine first.

Then, started turning round and round.

She did a great job!

Loose twines were not fun at all especially when they tangled…