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2013 review on my "firsts" that made me happy

2013 is coming to an end very soon and the arrival of 2014 is just hours away. Even though my kids occupied my time the most, I still managed to have some "firsts" in my crafting.

A recap of what I did.

1. Project Life

An important keepsake for my children in years to come. Although I tried to keep up to date, it is still challenging for me. I have thousands of photographs to pick and edit. Not forgetting cutting and pasting. Hmm..

Right now, I did up to August. I am four months behind. Nevertheless, it is better than nothing. I can see more of my emblishments, stickers and papers are used up. The irony is I also bought a lot to replenish the space. Ha.

2. Felt doll

Oh well, all thanks to Big E. She wanted me to make her a Akindon-chan. Reason being she is in PINK. Her favorite colour for now.

I am not in the favour to do hand sewing as my skills sucks. But after making this felt doll, I realised I can make more, not just dolls. This will definately not the last doll I will …

December ATC - Group Reveal and 2013 wrap up

Here are the artistic trading cards that I have received for December. Theme - Festive Cheers.

This wrapped up the 2013 series of cards. I will continue to pursue more cards in the coming 2014.

In summary, these were the cards I made according to the months.

Which are your favorites?

December ATC Reveal - Last ATC for 2013

2013 is about to end in a few days time. And this is the last ATC that I have made in 2013.

It was a very simple card as I did not have sufficient time on my hands to make. The theme was Festive Cheers hosted by Jie Ying.

I love Deco Rush Tapes and I used them in the cards.

I used the Hero Arts Midtone inks over here and looks cool to me.

So how was your Christmas celebration? We had parties in my house attended by our close friends. The kids had lots of fun, not forgetting the presents they received.

Valentine's Day Swap -

This is the Valentine's Day Swap that I spoke about in my previous post.
Hurry! The deadline is tomorrow. (Opps, I am very late to post this.)

You can sign up here -

Schnitzel and Boo's Mini Quilt Swap - Received my Swap

After waiting for almost two weeks, I received a happy mail from USA. Yes, from my swap partner Lexiloo.

Is it beautiful? It certainly is. Now, best of all, she also enclosed some goodies in the envelope.

Now, I am really tempted to learn more about quilting. Can't wait to use the mini charms for my hexagons quilts.

Are you interested in participating in a swap? I just signed up for one again. Details to be furnished in the next post.

Learning a new skill - Preparing Puree for Her Little Sister

Preparing food for my Small E can be fun. In fact, I am not a good cook myself. I rather spend my time scrapbooking or sewing. But never cooking or baking. Maybe one day, the kids were to be bored, I can pick up some baking skills so that we can have fun at home. We never know.

For instance, if you heard me mentioned that I will not do any quilt, well, I did one last month. ;p

That day, I decided to blend an apple for her to eat. As usual, Big E's curiousity came. She asked me what I was doing and if she could help too.

I asked her - "You want to try operating the hand blender and make some puree for your sister?"
She replied - "YES!"

She held the blender carefully and pressed the button for it to work. She had fun. It was great to teach her how to use it and give her a sense of responsibility.

Our Small E opened her mouth wide to taste the apple puree made by her sister.

PS. This was done under my supervision. Please do not let your kid operate any appliances t…

November ATC Group Reveal

Blue is still one of my favorite colour after all these years. Yellow is still my most favorite thou.
Look at all the artistic trading cards I received from the host.

What do you think of them?

November ATC - Reveal

Oh mine! I am so late to post my november card in my blog. :(

As I said, November and December are the busiest months for us. Lots of children activities I had to organise to keep mine occupied.

Here u are, my "blue" card.

Used some eyelets and dollies.