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December ATC Sneak

The last artistic trading card theme for the year is festive cheers, organised by Jie Ying. I did them fairly quickly. It is a simple design and I like the outcome.

Here is a sneak of the inks that I used.

Red and green are festive colours. I am so into the Christmas mood.

Creativity 521: Kid's Birthday Goodie Boxes

November is a celebration month of my kid who is turning a year older. This year, we will also be celebrating her birthday in her school.

She picked the cake design at the cake shop. We gave her options - Princesses, Minnie Mouse, Dora or Tinkerbell. Surprisingly, she picked Tinkerbell from Polar Puffs.

My hubby told me that she wanted to give her friends some goodies in a box and tied with a ribbon. Hmm... he knew that I can fulfilled such tasks as I am good in crafts and ideas.

Well, I put on my thinking cap. I wanted to buy a gift box tool that I can DIY the boxes. However it is OOS and I had to scrap the idea.

Then I discovered I had this Ultimate Tool from Crafts Companion that I bought a few years ago. I read the instructions and so glad that this tool allows me to DIY a goodie box.

Big E selected yellow art paper for the cover and purple colour for the base. I scored the papers using a scoring tool.

I wanted her to be involved in making the boxes,  so I bought a Dora sticker bo…

November ATC Sneak

This is the last second ATC that I will be doing for 2013. November is a peak period for crafts for me. Big E's birthday goodies, Christmas goodies, etc. How about you?

Here is a sneak. The theme for this month is BLUE.

Yes. I am using my deco rush tape for this ATC.

October ATC Group Reveal

I was the hostess for the October Artistic Trading Card with theme - Ribbon. Here are the other members' creations. They are so lovely and beautifully done.

I have signed up for the November and December teams. My creative juice is quite busy these days. I am also going to start making some Christmas presents for friends and cousins.

Are you making Christmas presents soon?

Toy Sewing Machine

One fine day, when I was at my parents' house, I saw this toy sewing machine on the table. My father told me this was my sister's toy. He changed the batteries and I tested. It can sew!!

I brought back to my house and guess what? Big E was soo happy!!

There is a pedal which she pressed with her hand. I gave her an unwanted cloth. She was such a pro. I guess she must have been looking at me while I sewed.

Now we can sew together. Thankful to my sister who kept it well.

Schnitzel and Boo's Mini Quilt Swap - My Mini Quilt Completed!

Do you still remember reading my post that I participated in a mini quilt swap, organised by Schnitzel and Boo in September? (Recap here)

I have just completed my maiden mini quilt piece. I am so happy especially they are made of hexagons. All hand-sewn, using the English Piecing Paper method.

I used the jelly roll fabric that I bought and cut the hexagons using the Clover template. After sorting up the pattern, I sewed up my first hexagons.

After that, I added the basting and the base cloth.

Subsequently, I cut the "extras" on each side and added the bias tape.

I will be posting this in the next few days to my partner in USA. Hope she likes it.

This will definately not be the first and last quilt piece I will be making. Love love the hexagons. You can also view the other participants' beautiful pieces here.


5 places where the stickers will be after I gave to my kid

I am not sure when I started to buy stickers for my Big E. Maybe after she started schooling last year. Of course, I was not prepared for the little "mess" or creativity which she has done to our house. (Yeah, I can hear some daddys and mummies nodding their heads.)

Some spots made me laugh, some angried me. But I admired her creativity to be able to pick the right ones for the right places.

Here are the 5 spots that she has invaded.

1. On the door.

This was her first invasion on my craft room door. This lazy mum should be able to remove one of these days.

 2. On the shoe cabinet

Her latest invasion. At first, it was the TV frame. I suggested her to move to here as there were far too many stickers. She will have more to decorate than on the TV frame.

3. On the wall

That is the most common area for her to paste when she got hold of any.

4. On the table

Well, she has not been sticking any after I covered up with a table cloth. Ha ha.

5. On her legs

This one made me laugh out l…

October ATC - Reveal

So fast, it is November the 1st. 2 more months and we will be welcoming the new year 2014. Am I thinking too far? Don't think so. Maybe Christmas will be better since it will be next month.

I just mailed out the October Artistic Trading Cards to my team this morning. Here is a reveal of how I made my card.

My objective was to use as many ribbons as I could so that I can decrease my inventory. Of course, I still have a lot in my storage boxes. I picked 5 blue ribbons for the card and cut into various lengths.

I took out the flowers that I did the other day and put them on my desk.

After that, I pasted the ribbons onto the card.

Lastly, I pasted the flower on top of the ribbons.

The cards from the members are nicely made too. Look out for them next week.

Have a great weekend to you!