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June ATC - Reveal

Love the weather these few days. The haze has cleared and rained a bit in my area. Now I can breathe harder and go out to run errands. I can bring my kid out for awhile to enjoy the sunlight but try not to be outdoor for too long.

School holidays are coming to an end and will start next monday. I think she has watched more youtube videos than reading books. Ha ha. Well, we were supposed to bring her out but too bad, the haze made us cancelled the outings. :(

The theme for the June Artistic Trading Card was "Celebration". The first thing that came to my mind was "Easter". Maybe I have too many "rabbits" in my stash. Heh. Here are the emblishments that I used for the cards.

 My Happy Easter ATC!

Fat Quarters for Sale - Now on!

Looking for fat quarters for your sewing projects? Click here for the designs at my online store at now. Or you can find them in my facebook fanpage album.

Some of the pieces are limited quantity.

April ATC group reveal


Are you affected by the bad haze? I almost could not see the buildings opposite mine. Just hope that it will go away soon. The smell of the air is like burning of joss sticks. A lot a lot of them. Better stay indoors. So our outings during the school holidays will be cancelled till the weather is better.

Here are the april artistic trading cards that I have received from the hostess.

The hostess also gave us some RAKs.

Hope everyone stays well and remember to drink lots of water.

April Artistic Trading Card Design Reveal

Hello to hot weather again!

So glad that I am not doing confinement now. Imagine I am only allowed to bathe once or even zero in the beginning. This type of weather will definately drive me crazy! The nights were even hotter than the day. My hubby told me that the afternoon heat retained in the house, so.... ARGH!

(We do not have the luxury to have air con, btw.)

The only good thing about the hot weather was that my laundries are able to dry up in a day and that lovely sunny smell... hmmm...

Moving over to my scrapping project. Just received my April artistic trading cards from the hostess, Stacy with theme "Clock".

I cut the grey cardstock into the required size - 2.5" x 3.5". Using the A4 size cardstock minimised the wastage which is great. I bought a stack from Krafter's Paradise when there was a promotion. Then I pasted my favourite washi tape at the bottom.

Then, I stamped these from Paper Smooches series.

I digged out a punch that I hardly use, thanks to…

Fat Quarters for Sale - Stay Tuned!

Watch out this space for fat quarters sale. Join my facebook fanpage for the latest update.

Homelearning Journey

This June holidays are the best time for me to teach my daughter at home. The challenges for me were preparation of materials and time (now that I have to split my time amongst my 2 children, with different needs) So what are your challenges?

Where did I find the materials?

1. Joined a Homelearning facebook fanpage some time back which other mummies shared their resources on homeschooling. I tried to contribute, however, my expertises are not as wide as them and I applauded their contributions.

2. Via pinterest. If you are keen to find out my collections, you can link my board up at It is updated almost everyday. :)

3. Via google. You can simply search for them randomly.

4. Subscribed to homeschooling webpages. I particularly like this Teachers Pay Teachers and No Time for Flashcards.

I printed out the materials using colour printer and laminated before cutting them into pieces. Velcro dots were sometimes used. I simply love using t…

June Artistic Trading Card - Sneak

Hello June!

The week is almost ending. It was an eventful day where I had to schedule my life looking after kids and seriously hardly have any ME-time, not forgetting about COUPLE-time. For parents out there, you will agree me with totally. Especially if you do not have any helper at home.

Luckily I had the chance to finish my June Artistic Trading Card in one morning, with theme Celebration, hosted by Jie Ying. (While the kids were sleeping)

Here is a sneak:

I assume you should be able to guess what I was making. ;)

If you are into Instagram, do link up with me at for more of my photos.

Good night!