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Another phrase stamp in my collection for Project Life

This week is the school holidays and I am very very busy in the house with my little one who demands my attention all day. At first I thought she can entertained herself with her favorite show in the television. However, she will request me to sit and watch with her. Oh well, I kinda like the cartoons she watched. So why not? We can also discuss together after each episode. Great bonding!

My project life for March is progressing very very slow and I only managed to finish 1 page. Luckily I jotted down the happenings on papers so that I can catch up next week when I have more free time in the morning. I started using the Childhood Mini Kit : Wellington Edition and it is not too bad to fill up the spaces.

I also bought a pre-loved phrase stamp from 7gypsies from my friend - Aiyen. I like the phrase and some are cute. I am not sure how to use "kid for sale" thou. LOL.

I hope the weather will be more cooling as I am developing some heat rashes. Argh! And they are very itchy. I d…

March ATC - Sneak

It is the weekend again! Which means, I have more time to do some scrapping. Hopefully my mojo will be back after a long break.

The theme for March ATC is Calendar, hosted by Jeanette. Just coincident, I have this amongst the stack of papers I have.

I have already prepared the cards. Now, left the emblishments.

Wish me luck!

PS. I am unable to showcase the Jan and Feb ATCs yet as I have not received from the hostesses due to some delays. Hopefully not for long.

Some loots for Project Life

It was my first time patronising Scraplicious at Parkway Parade with my daughter. She was not keen to wait for me too long as she saw a toy shop opposite. So I did not shop too long inside and just bought what I need.

I wanted to get new journal cards for my project life as the current stack I have is finishing very soon and some of the quotes are not appropriate at the moment. I saw this Childhood mini kit - Wellington edition - from Becky Higgins and bought one to try out. I would love to get the Mayfield edition as it is more girlish. Too bad, they are out of stock.

I also bought this Amy Tangerine phrase stamp to add on to my collection. Simply great for project life journalling.

Not forgettting some papers designed for project life too.

That's all so far. :)

Hello March!

I have finished my project life for February yesterday and excited to start a fresh page for March. Did the month title as well. The background is green and I had some difficulties at first. Nevertheless, I managed to decorate with my current stash and turn out quite well.

I did a lot of reading on my current sewing books and also borrowed from the library. I also did a list of items that I want to sew and learn in my notebook. I visited some sewing shops in Chinatown and bought lots of sewing notions. Seems that the more I read, the more I realised my current sewing notions are not enough.

Guess the next stop for me will be Arab Street and Textile Centre. :)

Tomorrow, perhaps?