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Cairnhill Community Centre Flea

Awww... what a day to start. It was already raining since 3am+ and never seem to stop when I left the house early in the morning for the setup of the flea at Cairnhill Community Centre today. I wished I can stay longer in bed on a cozy morning. ;(

I was pulling my IKEA bag and my pink umbrella in the rain to the train station. The wind was strong too. I managed to reach there 15 mins before the start of the event.

This time round, we were not given any table to display our stuff. I brought my groundmat from my IKEA bag and laid my stuff on top of it. My feedback was that it was challenging for the customers as they need to kneel down or squat to look at my goods.

Oh well, my neighbours were nice. One of them used to work in marketing and the other just quitted her job to do full time selling her clothes and accessories. I learned a lot from her as she shared her flea experiences with me. Thou sales were bad, however, the amount of advice I gained was far more.

I shall look around for …

Back to Basics Flea - 31 March 2012

I will be having a booth at the "Back to Basics" flea at Cairnhill Community Centre next saturday. Some of you might not know where this place is. It is behind Newton MRT station.

I have never been to a flea that is organised in a Community Centre. Just hope that it will be as fun as the previous fleas that I went to.

I will be selling my handmade crafts, brand new fat quarters and scrapbook supplies that I am detashing. If you have no plans on that day, please come by and catch up.

It will be busy for me this coming week.

Have a great weekend!

Featured in "Made with Love" - Layouts of the Week

I am indeed thrilled! After lots of hours spent in making the accordion album for E, the fabric cover layout of the mini album is featured in the local scrapbooking store - Made With Love's Layouts of the Week. :)

It is my first scrapbooking feature on the web. I used Graphic 45 An ABC Primer 8 x 8 paper pad to make this.

Check it out at their blog.

Now, I am VERY motivated to scrap more. :)

PS. For the entire accordion album, you can see it here.

Future Artist?

I was totally busy, busy, busy at the SmartKids Asia Fair at Singapore Expo these days. No time to do my crafts actually but glad to finish my March ATC on Wednesday for submission.

Next to the fair, there was a Popular Expo Sale too. I went there after my work as they closed at 10pm. This was the list of things that I bought so far:

1. Laminating machine - Aurora
2. Laminating pouches - A6 and A4 sizes
3. Stationeries
4. One colouring book for E
5. Crayons and colour pencils

I showed her the colouring book, crayons and colour pencils. She was so thrilled and wanted to start colouring immediately. She learned colouring in her class and I wanted her to "practise" at home. Ya, called me a kiasu parent. ;p

But she enjoyed it. The best part was she surprised us by using the colour pencil and outlined the letters - a, c and d on the respective pages. Simply amazing!

Maybe I should get her another book?

March ATC Sneak

I am the hostess for the March ATC in the Monthly ATC Swap group. I had 2 themes on my mind which in the end, I picked a colour. Yes, my favorite colour - Y-E-L-L-O-W.

This month, we have 16 people who joined in the fun. Some of them mentioned that this was a difficult colour to make. ;) I have some challenges myself even though I have lots of yellow stuffs. Anyway, I was busy doing my accordion album. Now that I have completed it, I can gathered my thoughts for the cards.

Tonight, I'm glad to have a rough idea how they should be. I have prepared the materials for cutting tomorrow or the next few days. Here is a sneak peak of one of the items that I will be using.

Looking forward to receiving all the ATCs by 20th March. (That is the deadline, btw).

Revealing the completed accordion album for E

Making full use of my hubby's lunchbreak to entertain the little one, I have the opportunity to post the completed accordion album for E. :)

First, the cover. I have added 4 ribbons - 2 on the front and 2 on the back cover.

Then, I pasted the layouts which I did over the few weeks onto the accordion album.

I handed the album to her to have a look.

Last but not least, I added a little something on the back of the album.

Hope you like it as much as we do. ;)

Layout on the front cover

At first, I just wanted a simple cover for the accordion album. Only with the fabric. But then, I realised that it was not completed without a layout on the cover.

I browsed through the Graphic 45 - An ABC Primer 8 x 8 paper pad and decided to do a simple layout.

I showed to my hubby and E. I asked her if this was nice. She told me "very pretty". I felt touched as a compliment from her meant so much to me.

The ribbon from Daiso was used as a frame. The silver star was also from Daiso. I asked her to pick a metal tag from the Tim Holtz range. She picked the "K- Knowledge" metal tag, which was very appropriate for school theme.

Now, I shall paste all the layouts that I did for the past weeks in there. :)

Accordion Album Cover

I finished the layouts of the accordion album, which took me about a few weeks.  Yes, I am slow, as compared to others who can finish in a few days.

Next in line will be the front and back covers.

As I was packing my fabrics for detashing of my fat quarters for sale, I came across this design that I felt very appropriate for the accordion album.

I cut two pieces of fabrics and pasted on the front and back with beacon glue.

How about the edges?

There are many ways to do - cover with paint, paper, ribbon. I covered with MT washi tape. :)

I will share the final cover design in my next post. :)

Play - Part 6

OMG! I heard my daughter coughing away. It must be me who spread to her. *sigh* Just hope she will be ok very soon.

I am happy to share with you my last piece of layout for the accordion album. *Yippee!* Lots of "work" I would say. I had difficulty in the title. However, I decided to shortlist "Play" instead.

I added a ribbon on the left that I bought from Daiso. Daiso has become a favourite place for all scrappers I think. Lots of storage, ribbons and even bento making related stuff. How I/we wish there will be some form of membership there for loyal customers like us.

I also added foam dots at the back of each journal lines. I used a chipboard alphas and coloured with pens as I could not find something that I like from my thickers and alphas. I guess I need to buy more varieties. The "numbers" at the bottom is actually a tape. Quite nice, eh? Ya, I bought from the scrapbook market group. :)

The quote on the left is "Watch me grow..inch by inch...I&…

Chewy! - Part 5

This week had been rough for me. I am still sick, down with bad cough and running nose. Irritating ah!

I must admit that when I am sick, I don't have any energy to think and do anything. (Don't you agree?) My daughter was quite sticky to me when I brought her to school and experienced separation anxiety. Just hope that she will get used to it soon.

Today, I managed to complete one layout for the accordion album. EEeewww, I am so far behind...

For this layout, I focused on food, which featured Edna having her recess in class. It was kinda difficult at first as I don't have many patterned paper or emblishments to mix and match. Happy to find a few and put them together.

She can recognised where this photo was taken and what she was doing. Well done~

One more to go....