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February 2012 ATC - Reveal

I can't wait to receive my ATC for January and February later this evening from Jie Ying. (wide grin).

Now I will be revealing my February ATC design. The theme was "HEARTS".

Let me share the tools I used to make them.

I punched one side of the card using EK 3/8 inch ribbon punch. I inserted the heart ribbon in.

Then I stamped the hedgehogs stamp from Penny Black and the title "Happily Ever After" from Magnolia. I punched the clouds using Carl stamp and pasted onto the card.

I folded the extra ribbon to the back and pasted with beacon glue. And they are ready to mail out. :)

January 2012 ATC - Reveal

I am sooo excited! More and more of the first, ever January ATC have been received by the members. (Oh ya, I have not received my stack yet!)

So now I can reveal and share in my blog. :) My first ATC. The theme was "FRIENDSHIP"

First of all, I used my lifestylecraft nesting die to create the shape of the ATC. Then, I used the distress ink to colour the edges.

I used the Penny Black Betsy Bluebell clear stamp (oh, my favorites are Mimi stamps) to stamp in the centre of the card.

Then, I coloured this cute lady with coloured pencils. Followed by stamping the "you are so... sweet" stamp in red.

Finally, I used the Maya Road rub-ons on the left bottom side of the girl.

Ain't she sweeet?

I will be sharing the February 2012 soon. Meanwhile, did I mentioned that I am the host for the March ATC? :)

Added new fat quarters for sale

These few days, I am down with bad cough and now blocked nose. Simply no mojo to continue the two layouts for my project. :(

Anyway, I have just added some new fat quarters for sale.

Do take a look at my picasa web album for more details.

Please send me at joeycraftworkz(at)yahoo(dot)com if you have any questions.

First Art Class - Part 4

During the first week of playgroup in January when I was in the class with daughter, I took the chance to take as many photographes as possible to capture her in activities. These will be great moments in years to come when she gets older.

One of the activity that the kids will do is art lessons. Edna was painting for the first time of her life, holding the brush and painted the balloon in black. She seems enjoying herself as at home, she hardly been exposed to these. When she gets older, I will definately exposed her with all my scrapbooking stuff and sewing. Hopefully she will be keen to learn.

I left 2 more layouts to be completed by this week. I hope to finish the entire album by end Feb. Wish me luck!

Selling off my brand new scrapbooking supplies

As I was cleaning my craft room, I realised that I have some brand new scrapbooking supplies that I never used or will never use.

I decided to sell them away below the retail price.

If you are interested, please check my picasa web album . I have also created a button on the left side of my blog for easy browsing.

All prices are in Singapore dollar. Local can pay by Inter-bank transfer. International buyers can pay by Paypal.

Any enquiries, you can email me at joeycraftworkz(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Sweetie - Part 3

Nowadays, I am only "allowed" to use my laptop at night, after daughter sleeps. She wants to see what I am doing and insisted me to go to her youtube site for ABC videos. *tsktsk* She can even climbed over my arm while I was working at my coffee table.

Here is my part 3 accordion album layout.

There are some RAKs that I have received from Amanda (the petals). I like rainbows and I find them useful for kids' layout especially. So cheerful!

2 more spread LOs and let the cover and I am ready to show them all. :)

Proud Parents - Part 2 of Accordion Album

It has been a while that I updated my blog. Reason was simple. My house internet connection was down over the last few days. To be frank, I felt handicapped.

I am someone who likes to use laptop and mobile to surf and stay connected in a way. Even my daughter is soon to be like us. She wants to watch her you tube videos and the mobile videos we took of her. I guess she is influenced by my hubby and me. We are contemplating to buy a tablet too. (I guess it has to depend on the freelance job which will kickstart in March.)

I did this layout last week. It is part of the accordion album for my daughter. Instead of separate pages like the previous two, I decided to merge two pages into one.

I think I am in need of emblishments to decorate all my layouts. I am so in love with pop-out ones that I went to Laines to source for more similar types. I will definately be using them in other pages.

Layouts of my accordion album - Part 1

Last week, I bought an accordion album chipboard from Annissa. I was hesitating on what can I do with it. Finally, I decided to capture my little gal's first school of her growing up. Perfect for me as there are 10 layout pages of the 8 x 8 album.

I never knew that this is quite a big project for me as I never do anything with accordion album. I seek advise from my scrapper friends and online. They gave me some ideas and suggested some websites and youtube (thanks Michelle) as references.

I did the covers, which I will not be sharing till I completed all. :)

Here are the first 2 layouts that I did yesterday.

Will share more in the coming days. :)

Happy Valentine's Day Cushion Covers

Happy Valentine's Day to all. Are you planning anything special for your other half?

As I was clearing my room and selecting fabrics for sale, I came across this which I bought from IKEA. Decided to make cushion covers and pillowcases.

This is a 16" x 16" cushions in my living room. Perfect for this occasion. It is a slot in cover, no zip and buttons. Easy to make. ;)

Post event Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway 2011 Update

Last December, I participated in Sew,Mama, Sew giveaway day. (You can read more at my post.) It was my first sewing giveaway and I will surely participate again.

The winner, Paula Lemos from Portugal has received my drawstring bag. She told me her daughter and herself love it. Now, her daughter wants to keep the bag for herself. *smile*

Paula emailed me a photograph of herself and daughter with the bag. :)

Thanks for sharing. It is great to know someone across the globe, don't you think?

Scrapbooking Storage Tip 2: Storage of Nesting Dies

I have been re-organising my scrapbook stuff for the past few days. Ya, slowly. Eager to find new "corners" to put all of them together. I think my room is going to be exploded with fabrics, scrapbook, comics, etc very soon. And hopefully, I will need to find a place to store the layouts and albums that I am going to do.

In the Scrapbook Market group, I learnt some tips from fellow member, Lynn, who shared her way of storing her nesting dies. I find it very useful to me. In the past, I used to store them in their original ziplock bags, which can be troublesome when I want to use them.

Oh btw, this is just a portion of the dies I own now. ;)

Here is what I did. I bought some magnetic strips from Daiso - 20mm and 30mm thickness. I cut according to the length I want. I peeled out the adhesive and sticked to the back of the respective cover of the dies. Then I placed the dies on the magnetic strip. I put this set in a A5 protector sheet which I can file in an arch file.


Pay it forward - Liebster Blog Award

Upon accepting the Liebster Blog Award from Michelle Looi, here is what I do to pay it forward. Here are the Liebster rules:
**Choose 5 up and coming blogs of fewer than 200 followers to award the Liebster to.
**Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
**Post the award on your blog. Link back to the blogs you have given the Liebster to so everyone else can pay them a visit.
After some searching and selection from my list of blogs for the Liebster Blog Award, here are the five that I picked.
Cheryl Leong - ScrapperBlessed Alicia - ScrapperAgnes Tan - ScrapperCarol Theng - ScrapperMommy Sew Pretty - Sewing
Do visit their beautiful blogs as each of them took effort to create their masterpiece, capture their works and post in their respective blogs. :)

Have fun!

Receiving the Liebster Blog Award from Fellow Scrapper

Yesterday, I was surprised and happy to receive this Liebster Award from fellow scrapper - Michelle Looi. (Please visit her blog at

As quoted from her blog, "the origins of the Liebster Blog are somewhat unclear but general consensus is that they originated in Germany. Liebster, meaning favourite or dearest, is here to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Upon accepting this award, the receipient must then pass it on to five more blogs that have 200 or less followers."

Let me search through my list and post it here soon.


February ATC Sneak

I did the February ATC very quickly. In fact, just a day after I finished my January one. The ideas just came flowing quickly. Probably due to the engine. ;)

The theme for the February one is HEARTS. Here is a peep to what I am going to use.

The design will be shown after 25 February. I will be meeting up with the rest of the members to get the ATCs. I can't wait to collect them. ;)

Oh btw, I will be the hostess for the March ATC. I have already thought of the theme which will be reveal end of February.

Have a pleasant day.

First custom made in 2012

Recently, I received a custom made order, all the way from the middle east. Cool~

She has requested a pencil case for her to stuff her stationery when she goes to school.

She has picked Robert Kaufman's Urbanista Basic Series - brown stripes for the external, while I matched the inside with a dolly design.

Hopefully she can receive this before end Feb.

Shall share with my 2011 custom made items soon.

Sneak of my first ATC - Jan 2012

I joined a local ATC group in January 2012. What is ATC? It stands for Artistic Trading Card. How does it work?

You joined a group, be it local or oversea who is interested in exchanging.The host will determine the number of cards per group, the theme, rules and deadline.Then you have to make the number of cards, as per advised by the host. The cards have to be of the same design.Usual, the size will be 2.5inch x 3.5inch. Just nice to place in a trading card folder.Once done, you have to mail them to the host with a self-addressed and stamp envelope.The host will sort out the ATCs and resend back to each of the sender of the same group
I just did mine and ready to submit for the January theme - Friendship.

Here is a sneak preview. I cannot share my design till after the deadline. So... just have to wait. ;)

Scrapbooking Storage Tip 1: Storage of my Maya Road ribbons

It is February and Chinese New Year will be ending soon. So does my "holidays".

I started packing some scrapbook stuffs that I bought over the past few weeks, re-organising them. Do you remember my previous post about how I can store my Maya Road ribbons?

Well, my friends in Scrapbook Market have given me some tips and showed pictures of how they store their ribbons. One of them used the plastic spools from Spotlight and tugged them nicely in partition storage boxes. I think that is a good idea. Maybe I can store some of the bigger rolls using that method.

Last night, I looked at the messy pile again and decided to wrap them in white note and tape. I used my old storage box to store and sort by colours. Previously, this box was to store my bigger beads. Now, it is recycled and I can place the Maya Road ribbons in there.

Maybe I should decorate the outer box using my RAKs. Oh well, there is another project to do. ;)