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My stamping project

I just came back from work, had shower and supper. Still awake and decided to share my first stamping project.

I simply love the font and the little girl's face. They are two different stamp templates.

This is useful to paste on thank-you gifts, just like what I did for my little girl's birthday party.

Hmm.. still not sleepy, but am lazy to work on crafts now. It's approaching midnight.
Well, another day.....@-@

My online buys from USA.

Hehe.. due to the strong currency exchange between Sing dollar and US dollar, I decided to search online for craftworks, all the way from the USA.

Of course, there are a lot of considerations in mind, the shipping and handling charges, insurance, the exchange rate, quality, etc.

Finally, I found this website called Simon Says Stamps! They have a great variety of stamps and scrapbooking items for sale. The ease of transaction is very smooth and response via email is quite prompt as well. Best part is if you spent more than US$250, the shipment is FREE! If not, the shipping cost is charged at a flat rate. That's what I like!

Here are some of the items I bought...

These are the ones that I like..It is the MIMI series from Penny Black Inc. There are some other designs which are out-of-stock! sian...

Of course there are more stuff that I bought. Oh btw, the delivery is only 1 week after payment is received. Isn't that great?

I shall search for other stuff online, better to make us…

Finally! I have created this blog!

So so happy! I managed to create this blog to contain all my craftworks and hopefully, the process. I also hope that some of these will be good enough to interest you. I have big plans, but small output. ;)

Like one mummy told me the term - Tired Mummy Syndrome.

How much time are we left to deal with our handmade crafts - make them, take photo, put in our blog, advertise online, wait for order, fulfil order, post-out... etc...?

Unless you are a SAHM. But then again, SAHM also has not much time to do! I salute those mummies out there who can do it.

I aspire to be one of them!

Ok, time to put my baby to sleep... yawn@@