Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Farmer's Wife Patchwork Sew-A-Long

It has been a long while since I did any handsew patchwork sew-a-long. Thanks to a group of ladies who shared the same passion and we decided to come together to make a 16 blocks from both the Farmer's Wife 1920s and 1930s books.

We started sewing last month, targeting 2 blocks per month and so far we did 4 blocks. Here are my blocks for the sew-a-long and I am using Milk, Sugar and Flower from Penny Rose, designed by Elea Lutz.

Georgia block

Nellie block

Whirlpool block

Peace and plenty block

Friday, June 10, 2016

Daisy Flowers Crochet Afghan

It has been my goal to crochet a granny square blanket ever since I started by crocheting. I have been searching for the pattern by browsing through books, pinterest and the internet to find the ideal design. Finally, I decided to do the Daisy Flower pattern.

I used the 4 Seasons Marvel Soft 8 ply yarns for this project. It was my first project using soft acrylic threads and I love the softness of it.

I picked 4 colours - purple, turquoise, yellow and navy for the borders of each squares. There were 14 squares per colour to make up a total of 56. I used white colour to join them up as border.

After joining up the squares, I made border for the whole afghan. Here is a complete view of the blanket. :)

Completed daisy flower blanket

Close shot of the border stitch
Daisy flowers crochet afghan that you can use as a lap blanket or for kids to use. Used good quality soft acrylic yarn threads to make this myself in a non-smoking and no pets environment. Perfect for home use, on car seat, on sofa, on bed or as a gift to friends.

Measured 38inch x 42inch approx. Air dries fairly quickly.

Washing Instructions:
Cool hand wash 30 degrees.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Dry flat in shade. Do not iron.

You can browse the making process at my Instagram account - joeycraftworkz.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Japanese Lace Doily

I wanted to take a short break from crocheting blankets. But I couldn't stop crocheting altogether. So I decided to do small projects and picked up my hook to make a table top doily from a Japanese lace pattern book.

I used 4ply 100% mercerised cotton thread for this doily and the size is about 19cm wide. This is listed in my etsy shop. Click here if you would like to purchase for your home use or gift for your friend.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My midwife crochet afghan

I have been very busy crocheting afghan/blanket for the month of May. My daughter has requested me to make her one blanket. In fact, I have not finished my patchwork blanket for her. Surprisingly, I managed to finish one crochet version for her. Today!

I picked the BBC's Call The Midwife TV show pattern for this project when I chanced upon my FB group page as members shared their beautiful creations. It was fairly easy as the pattern is repetitive once you managed the first block. I looked up Jonna Martinez's youtube video tutorial or you can refer to the print version at her blog.

My daughter picked all the colours herself and I must say it was a good pick. I used 8 skeins of 100g 4 Seasons's Marvel 8ply 100% acrylic yarn that I bought from Spotlight and 4mm Clover Amour Hook to make this blanket.

I admit that I was a bit bored in the middle portion as the stitches are repetitive and my daughter had her tests in May. But I was so glad I finished this piece of blanket on the last day of May.

 I used V stitch and scallop stitch for the edging.

 Here is the finished piece of the midwife blanket. The width is 48 inches and height 55 inches. ;)


Monday, April 18, 2016

My Crochet Doll - Work in Progress

I am riding the crochet wave ever since I tried to learn how to make an amigurumi. I watched a lot of youtube videos, surfed inspirations from facebook groups and pinterest. Hence, I was not posting on my blog for more than a month. Fortunately I have a good mummy friend Carol who is an experienced crochet lady that I can seek guidance from. Because of my constant flow of questions, it rekindled her spark in crocheting ever since she stopped a year ago.

In the facebook group that I joined, one lady posted her project from My Crochet Doll by Isabelle Kessedjian. When I googled the crafter, I realised I was her Instagram follower but never knew she crocheted.

Started the doll's head
I followed some great tips from By Hook, By Hand blog on making this doll a little special than the actual doll. Visit her blog if you can as she has other great tips on making crochet dolls of other types.

My progress is quite slow due to other projects on hand. Here are what I can shared till this point of time.

Making the torso and legs

Adding the hair
I should be completing the doll once I stitched the hair on her scalp. Then I can make dresses for her to wear next. Wish me luck and more energy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My first attempt on Amigurumi

I have ALWAYS wanted to try my hands on making Amigurumi. I know basic crocheting but I have never made a plush or doll before. It looks difficult and I am scared to try. I have made granny squares for the yarnbombing 2 years ago. No. Not once attempted Amigurumi.

When I saw the instructions from the books and blogs, there are so many variations. There are symbols for Japanese, US and UK versions. My mind just went haywired. I did not understand how to attach the various parts of the body of the doll. The best bet for me will be learning from Youtube but that means I will not be able to follow instructions on the books. Sigh!

Till I went to a sharing session organised by the Yarnbombing Singapore team last Saturday. Yaney, one of the organiser, gave me a one-to-one guidance and taught me how to read the US instructions. Magic circle was not hard at all. I have to make sure the holes of each stitch is not big so that the polyfill will not shown. I am very determined.

After some time, I managed to make one head of the BB8. I am so thrilled! There are still so much to learn on Amigurumi and now I am not so afraid to try on other beginner designs.

My first Amigurumi
Certainly a breakthrough in 2016. Hope I could share more of my creations soon. I can't wait to try out and practise.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Handmade Cheongsam for my kids for the Monkey Year

I thought that I will not be sewing any Chinese New Year clothing for my little girls. I am busy to the max and have no idea what to sew. I am also lazy to trace out patterns from the books plus time is not on my side (less than a week to the festive season).

Until I chanced upon a free girls Cheongsam tutorial from Japanese Sewing Books website which has a step-by-step tutorial plus YouTube videos to refer. You can check out her tutorial here. I followed Yi Farn's blog closely as I love reading about Japanese books and magazines reviews. I am an avid Japanese sewing and craft books and magazines reader even though I could not understand Japanese. Luckily for me, the instructions are pictorial and quite easy to follow after a few tries. :)

I set myself a goal to complete the 2 cheongsams within 2 days. Not impossible with midnight oils! By the way, it is my first try on sewing Cheongsam. I selected one of my favourite Lecien Fabrics from Japan of the Flower Sugar series and checked if I have the rest of the materials at home. I went to Chong Pang wet market the next morning to purchase the silk bias tapes, invisible zippers and Chinese knots.

Materials needed for the sewing.
I printed out the pdf patterns from the website (see above) and arranged before pasting and cutting them out. I did both cheongsams at the same time. Then I cut out the fabrics and serge the parts needed. In fact, I sewed with my machine and my laptop alongside so that I can refer while preparing the next steps. Sewing the silk bias tape was tricky for me as the stitches were not consistent and I had to unstitch a few times to make sure both sides were sewed.

I stumbled upon my first hurdle during installation of the invisible zipper onto the apparel. I realised I do not own any invisible zip footer for my machine. Argh! I googled if there were an alternative and asked my friends. Most concluded that using the invisible zip footer will be so much easier. Well, I did not have much time. In my desperation, I picked up my needle and thread and handsew the zipper manually. It turned out pretty well I must say.

Handsew the invisible zipper is a good alternative if you don't own the footer.
Lastly, installing the metal snap buttons and Chinese knots can take a long time as the kids had to try out the apparels many times just to be sure the positions were correct. The children are so happy that they have their first Cheongsam and specially made by their mummy.

Buttons and knots are up.

Maiden piece

I love the flower patchwork print of this Flower Sugar from Lecien Fabrics. Just nice for the Chinese New Year theme. Maybe I should sew up more cute dresses for them and not wait for the festive seasons. I am going to try on pajamas with button holes after Chinese New Year for my next sewing project. Wish me luck!

Happy Monkey Year to all and Gong Xi Fa Cai!